White Bow Plaques - Grey Detailing

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These beautiful Bow Plaques by T-Leaf Collections are a gorgeous way to store nylon headbands and make a statement piece of her favourite headbands. They feature grey detailing around the edge. Just slip the headband through the holes and pull tight from the back.

You can hang your wreath, use the hole to hang directly off a wall mounted hook, or use it as a plaque on a shelf. There is an elastic band around the middle to tuck the loose bands at the back to keep them neat.

You can also pop your clips around the edge.

If you purchase a plaque and a fabric bow headband in the same order, you will receive 50% off one of your fabric bows. You can find our range of bow headbands here. Discount is automatic (no code required) and will appear on the cart page. 


- Material - 

These plaques are made of acrylic and include an elastic band.

Naturally sourced kangaroo leather strap to hang plaque is included.


- Sizing - 

We are pleased to stock two sized wreaths. 

18 cm - fits up to 30 headbands

24 cm - fits up to 56 headbands


- Safety - 

Products are for decorative purposes only. Please keep out of reach of children. 

Please note: acrylic may scratch over time.